3T Mercurio Wheelset

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3T Mercurio Wheelset
If 3T’s Mercurio 700c tubular wheelset could write its own Match.com profile it would look something like this: Extremely good-looking and strong. Likes to ride in wet and dry conditions. Very stable and behaves predictably in all situations. We’d add that that predictability is due to its rigidity and specially-designed braking surface that performs nearly as well wet as it does dry. Also the all-carbon-fiber rim has spoke pockets molded in to the rim sidewall where the non-nipple end inserts. All of that means these wheels mean business. Rapid spin-up and an exclusive 3T freewheel design that accepts both Campy and Shimano/SRAM cassettes means these babies are ready to ride now! No hassle. 60mm (1390 grams).