Bont Vaypor XC Cycling Mountain Shoes, Black

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Bont Vaypor XC Cycling Mountain Shoes, Black


Features handmade carbon composite monocoque construction designed for performance.


  • ⋅ Replaceable, low profile, micro adjustable buckles and ladders
  • ⋅ Cleat Mounting: MM grid plus grip, SPD compatible
  • ⋅ Fully heat moldable Carbon Composite chassis (utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin) and EVA thermo moldable innersole
  • ⋅ Integrated Grip Plate in the sole is designed to maximize grip and minimize retention of dedris
  • ⋅ Maximum ventilation with vents on frontal area of shoe and air gills in arch area
  • ⋅ Z form Velcro straps and Buckle closure system
  • ⋅ Anatomical shaping allows the foot to function in its most efficient and anatomically correct position
  • ⋅ Lateral forefoot support for neutral positioning of the forefoot
  • ⋅ Anatomical heel cup provides increased stability during the pull through stage of pedaling stroke and up stroke
  • ⋅ Structural medial longitudinal arch support to stop over pronation of feet
  • ⋅ Padding is high density memory foam with dry cell technology to minimize water retention
  • ⋅ Microfiber upper with a Suede L liner
  • ⋅ Bumpers fitted in key areas are designed to protect the foot
  • ⋅ Grip components are replaceable with spike mounts located in toe section
  • ⋅ Weight: 340g (based on size 42)
  • ⋅ Stack Height: 4.4mm


    • Cleat Bolt Pattern: 2-Bolt
    • Gender: Men's, Women's
    • Shoe Width: Standard

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