Diamondback Century Carbon Road Bikes


  • Diamondback Century 4C Carbon Bicycle


    Diamondback Century 4C Carbon Bicycle

    Some people would argue that this bike couldn’t possibly exist. An affordable road bike with a cutting-edge carbon fiber frame and fork and reliable components? You’re as likely to find a bike like that as you are to bump into Bigfoot...

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  • Diamondback Century 5C Carbon Bicycle, Side


    Diamondback Century 5C Carbon Bicycle

    Not so long ago, fast bikes came in one flavor: painful. As in, painful to ride for anything longer than an hour at a time. Super steep head angles, sprawling top tubes, and a spine-rattling ride quality were the norm. Those traits might be fine for a...

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  • Diamondback Century 6C Carbon Bicycle - Side


    Diamondback Century 6C Carbon Bicycle

    There are plenty of gorgeous carbon bikes out there. True. There are, however, far fewer gorgeous carbon bikes out there that you’d also want to ride all day long. The Century 6 C is at the top of that very short list. This hand-built carbon...

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