Factory Mountain Wheelsets

  • FSA

    FSA SL-K F15 / QR 27.5" Carbon Wheelset

    Hand-built and highly versatile, the tubeless-compatible SL-K MTB 27.5″  wheels spin on advanced carbon fiber rims. They’re just 1450g a pair. And at 26.1mm wide and 25mm deep, rim strength is superb; the asymmetric design is so deep...

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  • Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Red Metal 29" XL Tubeless Disc Wheelset

    The "XL" in the Fulcrum Red Metal 29 XL stands for Extra Light and they mean it. Fulcrum engineered this wheel to be at a reasonably low weight without sacrificing the strength that riders who love to shred require, and they succeeded.  One of the...

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  • Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Red Power 29" XL Disc 9mm QR/15QR Convertible Wheelset

    The 29er for those who wish to try out the new world of oversize wheels. Experimental MTB’ers can now follow the new Fulcrum 29er trend, clearly not wishing to be unprepared. Sturdy and reliable, the version with clincher rim fears no...

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  • Fulcrum

    Fulcrum Red Power 6-Bolt Disc Wheelset

    While most cost-conscious wheelsets betray their budget on the scales, the externally butted rims of the Red Power XLs are bang on the grams for their category. Quick pickup from the silent freehub and taut asymmetric spoking give them a...

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