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  • Campagnolo Shamal Ultra 2-Way Fit Disc-brake Wheelset - 500


    Campagnolo Shamal Ultra, 2-Way Fit, Disc-brake Wheelset | Daily Deal

    Campagnolo's highest level alloy racing wheels have a toroidal milled rim laced with alloy spokes to carbon hubs with USB ceramic cup and cone bearings. Campagnolo, Shamal Ultra Disc Brake, Wheel, Front and Rear, 700C, Holes: 21, 12mm TA, F: 100, R:...

    $1,469.99 $1,199.99
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  • Campagnolo Zonda Disc-brake Wheelset -500


    Campagnolo Zonda Disc-brake Wheelset | Daily Deal

    Price point wheelset is hand assembled in Italy. Alloy rims are laced with aero steel spokes to an alloy hub with high quality steel ball cup and cone bearings. KEY FEATURES: Campagnolo G3 spoke pattern has twice as many spokes on the rear drive...

    $899.99 $729.99
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  • Fulcrum Speed 55 Disc-brake Wheelset-500


    Fulcrum Speed 55 Disc-brake Wheelset | Daily Deal

      The Speed 55 DB wheels were designed for extreme racing conditions and aerodynamic performance, featuring high-profile 55 mm carbon rims, ultra-smooth ceramic bearings and disc brake hubs.  KEY FEATURES: 55 mm high-profile carbon fiber...

    $3,099.99 $1,999.99
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