Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon Aero 16Nm Road Pedals and Cleats

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Look Cycle Keo Blade Carbon Aero 16Nm Road Pedals and Cleats


LOOK achieves another first in professional cycling with the introduction of the world’s first aerodynamically designed pedal, KeO Blade Carbon Aero. Alberto Contador debuted them in the Prologue of the 2010 Tour de France and will use the KeO Blade Carbon Aero pedals once again in Stage 19 Bordeaux to Pauillac Time Trial.

LOOK KéO Blade Carbon Aero Pedals / Concept to Reality: At last year’s Tour de France, Alberto Contador rode to victory in the last individual time trial around Lake Annecy using a prototype aero pedal. Since then, Contador and the LOOK Pedal Engineers have been working tirelessly to create a pedal that would give Contador an even greater advantage over his rivals. That advantage is now a reality with the KeO Blade Carbon Aero.

LOOK created this aero pedal in order to reduce drag and improve airflow while pedalling. In addition to improved aerodynamics, the body of the pedal is reinforced to deliver an even greater stiffness allowing for maximum power transfer.

A Pedal Designed with Speed in Mind: The Kéo Blade Carbon Aero was tested in the wind tunnel at the Formula 1 Magny-Cours Racetrack in Nevers, France. The results showed an astounding saving in power, a direct result of reduced drag. The LOOK Kéo Blade Carbon Aero is the stiffest and most aerodynamically advanced pedal in the professional peloton.

The Kéo Carbon Blade Aero


  • A compressed carbon shell improves the pedals aerodynamics
  • Offers the largest pedaling surface on the market for optimal power transfer
  • A compressed carbon blade replaces the traditional spring used for r etention for a more secure and positive cleat entry and exit
  • Three b earings plus a double seal ensure a long service life and smooth perfo rmance
  • Includes KEO Grip cleats and 16Nm tension blade
  • 120g (cromo ly axle) per pedal
The concept: a carbon leaf spring (blade) replaces the traditional wound wire cleat retention spring.

• A more efficient and quicker clip-in clip-out sensation and more secure cleat retention
• Two levels of cleat retention and security (tension 12 average and 16 firmer)
• Very light: 120g with a Crmo axle

• A more efficient pedal stroke due to the larger cleat contact surface and more wear resistant due to the stainless plate molded into the pedal body.
• The KEO Carbon Blade has a 31% larger contact surface than the KEO Carbon
• New axle system = extreme reliability
• Double sealed oversized pedal axle makes this a durable and reliable product
• Tested above and beyond industry standards
• LOOK pedal axles are only approved for use after very rigorous shock and extreme use testing well beyond the EN14781 testing standards.
• Ride the pedal Alberto Contador rides and benefit from the technology that wins the Tour de France.