Mavic Open Pro Clincher Rim 32 hole

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Mavic Open Pro Clincher Rim  32 hole

Mavic’s 700c Open Pro Clincher Rim has been a staple of the racing circuit for many years and they continue to be offered in their lineup. You can use these rims for fast acceleration and climbing ease. They use Mavic’s SUP™ process for a welded and milled rim joint which is extremely strong and eliminates shuddering when braking. UB Control™ is Mavic’s milling of the brake surfaces to improve braking friction. Maxtal™ exclusive to Mavic is an aluminum alloy that is 30% lighter than a 6106 alloy. Combining SUP™ UB Control™ and Maxtal™ into a race ready rim ready to be built on your favorite hubs and choice of spokes. 425 grams per rim anodized 32 hole.