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  • PowerBar Endurance Sport Drink


    PowerBar Endurance Sport Drink

    During workouts PowerBar Endurance drink supplies the essential hydration electrolytes and carbohydrates athletes need during endurance events. Endurance sport drink maximizes energy uptake with a 7% concentration of simple and complex carbohydrates...

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  • PowerBar Performance Recovery Drink


    PowerBar Performance Recovery Drink

    After workouts research has shown that what you put into your system the first hour after an intense workout is key to optimal post-activity muscle glycogen restoration and rehydration. PowerBar Performance Recovery Drink speeds muscle recovery through...

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  • PowerBar PowerGel


    PowerBar PowerGel

    Each 41 gram serving of PowerGel contains 28 grams of carbohydrates along with anti-oxidants electrolytes and PowerBar’s exclusive amino acid blend to give you quick convenient energy in an easy-to-use package. Choose from caffeinated flavors:...

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