Ridley Dean Fast 10 Carbon TT Bicycle

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Ridley Dean Fast 10 Carbon TT Bicycle

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Ridley announced it would provide a brand new TT bike to team Lotto – Belisol for their attack on the 100th Tour de France. The successor of the iconic Ridley Dean; the new Dean FAST, integrates and further develops Future Aero Speed Technology introduced on the Ridley Noah FAST in 2011 to a revolutionary TT platform. “We have improved our integrated F-brake with a full internal center-pull cable system, the F-Split Fork is further optimized to take full advantage of the twin foil concept, and the F-Surface is now integrated in the tube shapes, where it dramatically reduces drag. Thanks to the internal cable routing through the new integrated stem, there are hardly any visible cables showing in the cockpit”, says Jochim Aerts, CEO of Ridley Bikes

With the patented FAST concept Ridley was the first bike manufacturer that proved the aerodynamics of a bike is much more than just using aerofoil shaped tubes. “Take for example the wheels. They cause a lot of turbulence slowing a rider down. Our F-Split fork uses the patented twin foil design that guides the frontal airflow away from the spokes allowing the wheel to rotate with less drag. The unique F-Brake is fully integrated in the fork so it minimizes the turbulence in this area.  Last but not least, we developed the F-Surface, a special surface texture that deliberately creates micro turbulences at the boundary layer which improves the laminar flow effect, keeping the airflow as close to the surface as possible. This dramatically reduces drag.  All of these technologies are in full use on the Noah FAST ridden by the sprinters at Lotto-Belisol”, says Jochim Aerts.


For the new Dean FAST two of these innovations have been taken to the next level. Jochim Aerts: “The front fork has the same F-Splitfork technology as before, with the integrated F-brake to elongate the split and improve the reduction of turbulence. However, the F-Brake is now operated by a center-pull mechanism with internal cable routing hidden within the head tube of the frame. The F-Surface – which previously was applied on the frame – is now molded into the down tube and seat tube, making it even more effective in eliminating drag.”

Also new to the Dean FAST is a fully integrated cockpit featuring a stem that flows seamlessly in to the top tube, virtually hiding all cabling. Aerts: “The frame, fork, bar and stem are holistically designed to accept all types of electronic shifting systems, like the internal battery Campagnolo is currently working on, enabling us to eliminate external cabling around the cockpit. These will be released later this summer.” In close collaboration with the riders and mechanics of Lotto-Belisol, Ridley also opted for replaceable vertical dropouts on the Dean FAST, making it easier to change and center the rear wheel compared to horizontal drop outs while still being able to adjust the distance between tire and seattube, according to different tire widths.

Later this year the Dean FAST will come with special features to make this bike the ultimate triathlon benchmark: custom geometry (stack & reach) and custom handlebars. This will make it possible to combine superior aerodynamics with optimal fit for even the most demanding athletes.



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