Ridley Noah SL Frameset, White & Red Accents

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Ridley Noah SL Frameset, White & Red Accents

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Some of the great Belgian cycling stories have humble beginnings. The athletes, the races, they all had to start somewhere on their paths to glory. So it is with a great Belgian bike brand. Ridley started quietly in 1990, subcontracting custom made frame construction. It became a separate brand in 1997. Through it all, the heart of Belgian spirit guides the decisions we make and the bikes we offer. The result is a bike brand recognized among pro-tour teams for bringing innovative solutions and unparalleled craftsmanship to the industry. Ridley & cycling: one family, one passion.

Ridley has a simple development philosophy: building the best bikes in the world! The blueprint of each design is always from the same perspective. Cycling enthusiasts, professionals, bicycle clubs, all have the same desire: Cycling on the best and fastest bike in the world.

Ridley have mainly focused on aerodynamics in the last years. Since their bikes were already as stiff as possible, and lighter than the UCI limit Ridley decided that they could make the most progress in terms of aerodynamics. This resulted in three unique patents (F-Brake, F-Splitfork and F-Surface), which together form the FAST concept.

The Noah SL incorporates 2 of Ridley's FAST-Concept technologie, F-Surface and F-Splitfork. These combined technologies offer up to 2km/h advantage in the sprint and up to 15 watts less power input needed to average a 40km/h breakaway. The Noah SL captures the essence of speed and performance in an ultralight package and via some of the most sophisticated aerodynamic technology in the industry. It relies upon lessons learned from a strong racing heritage, and the design sets a new benchmark in the aero category. Form-follows-function design principle, where every detail has been studied and tested to reach ultimate performance

  • F-SURFACE: The frontal wind has to ‘pass around’ the tubes of the bike, and has to change its direction to follow the profile of the bike. To make it easier for the airstream to follow the profile of the bike and stay close to the bike, the tubes are designed in a droplet shape. However, even then it’s not possible to keep the airstream in touch with the frame at every location. At certain locations the airstream releases the frame, creating a wake on these locations which increases the drag. Ridley did extensive wind tunnel testing and used oil mapping technology to locate the places where the wind releases the frame. To avoid the airstream releasing from the frame on these locations, Ridley apply a structure surface on well defined locations in order keep to the wind close to the frame. This reduces drag, optimizing the speed a bike can obtain once again.
  • F-SPLITFORK: Most turbulence created by the bike is caused by the wheels (and spokes). At the top of the wheels the spokes are moving forward while colliding with the frontal wind. This causes a major turbulence, creating drag and slowing down the bike. Ridley'ssplitfork guides the incoming frontal air away from the spokes creating an airstream away from the wheels. In this way the interaction of the airstream with the spokes is reduced which results in reduced turbulence and drag.

Frameset: 60-ton/40-ton/30-ton High Modulus Carbon Fiber, Fork: Ridley F-Splitfork Carbon 60t-40t-30t HM Unidirectional carbon, Headset: 1 1/8"- 1 1/2" Tapered Integrated, Seatpost: Integrated: Front Derailleur, Braze-On Required, Bottom Bracket Type, PF-BB30 Required, Frame Weight (Approx.) 950 grams.




162 cm                  XXS                         XS
162 - 170 cm          XS                           S
170 - 178 cm                                      M
178 - 186 cm          M                             L
186 - 194 cm          L                              XL
194 cm                  XL                            XL

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