Shimano RS81-C35 Rim Wheelset

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Shimano RS81-C35 Rim Wheelset

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The Shimano WH-RS81 is a stylish wheelset with Dura Ace and Ultegra genes. Like its big brothers, it features Shimano manufactured carbon/alloy clincher wheels. In addition to the usual high-quality processing, the WH-RS81 offers a eye-catching look. 

The aerodynamic D2 wide rim profile and the extra-wide hub flanges increase the maximum lateral rigidity and power transmission of the 35mm high rear wheel. Light rolling characteristics with high firmness is combined by approved Shimano bearings with angled bearing cones and oversize-axles made of 7075 aluminium. The OptBal 2:1 spoke lacing, means that the drive side features twice as many spokes as the non-drive side, enhances the wheel rigidity and durability, too. 


  • Dura-Ace trickle down technologies
  • D2 aerodynamic medium/wide rim profile (C50/C35)
  • Shimano manufactured carbon/alloy clinchers
  • OptBal Spoke System enhances wheel rigidity and durability (C50/C35)
  • Extra-wide hub flanges maximizes lateral ridigidity (C50/C35)
  • Easy maintenance: Digital adjust syste; Less QR axial force
  • Proprietary SHIMANO carbon-alloy construction process
  • SHIMANO angular contact bearings and oversize A7075 alloy axles
  • 10,11-speed compatible
  • Wt: F709/R922g
  • Rim: Height F35mm, Width 20.8mm
  • Quick release