Shimano Ultegra ST-R8020 Hydraulic STI Lever, Hose and BR-8070 Flat Mount Brake Caliper, Right Rear | Daily Deal

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ST-R8020-BC -RR
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Shimano Ultegra ST-R8070 Hydraulic Di2 Lever, Hose and BR-8070 Flat Mount Brake Caliper, Right Rear

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Original Shimano parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity. Rotors can be purchased separate.


  • Quick and intuitive rear shifting operation
  • Shorter lever stroke
  • Redesigned internal shifting unit
  • Lighter front shifting operation
  • Redesign front system with new front derailleur
  • Comfortable grip and operation
  • More customizable and precise lever position
  • Expanded reach adjustment range (14 mm) Mechanical Brake
  • Consistent braking performance in any condition
  • Right Shifter 
  • Easy brake control Hydraulic Brakes, rear
  • RIGHT REAR SHIFT / BRAKE LEVER, ST-R8020, Right Lever, INCLUDES HOSE / Pre-bled OIL / FITTINGS AND FLAT MOUNT REAR CALIPER, 11-SPEED, SL INNER 1800/2100MM, OT-SP41, 1600/600/300MM, SM-BH90 1700MM, OIL 50CC X2, W/BR-R8070 Rear, IND.PACK. (Line, Lever & Caliper)

The all-new Ultegra group is the result of 40 years of development and innovation tested to the limit at the highest level of competition in road racing time trials and cyclo-cross. Ultegra delivers concentration control and confidence with slick fast accurate performance that you can depend upon without distraction. Ultegra now has an 11 speed cassette with numerous gearing options to cover all situations.

Leading edge design materials and construction reduce weight improve stiffness and enhance control. Make sure the gear levers you choose are the correct ones for your rear cassette - use a 11 speed Shimano Cassette.

Shimano are the makers of the world's most well known cycle component brand. Established in 1921 when the first cycle freewheel was forged. Shimano produce drivetrains wheels pedals shoes cycling apparel and pretty much every Shimano cycle accessory you can think of! Famous for their top end products ridden by the pro's Dura-Ace and XTR which cover both road and MTB's. At Shimano they're doing everything they can to respond to heightened environmental concerns. Shimano are proud to be a producer of bicycle components that help people to enjoy outdoor sports and interact with nature through healthy nonpolluting activities. In their 87 plus years of existence Shimano have accumulated a wealth of technology and product development and expertize that serves as the driving force.

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