Wilier Cento 10 Pro Disc Shimano Di2 Hydraulic equipped Carbon Bicycle, Red & White - Build It Your Way

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Wilier Cento 10 Pro Disc Shimano Di2 Hydraulic equipped Carbon Bicycle


Cento 10 Pro Disc is the new racing bike for the most demanding athletes. An evolution of the Cento 10 Pro Disc model with a reactivity never seen before: a torsional rigidity increased by 6 percentage points.

A renewed bike, which will allow you to choose between a traditional brake or a disc brake, to go fast with maximum safety, whatever the weather. Cento 10 Pro completely integrates the cables and the sheaths inside the frame, increasing the aerodynamic efficiency.

In Cento 10 Pro Disc you will find everything you've always looked for in a bicycle: your best performance.


Cento 10 Pro Disc can be equipped with direct mount brake and quick release wheels or with disc brake, wheels with through pins and 160 mm rotors on the front and 140 mm on the rear. Fork and undercarriage have been designed to offer light to the tires which is quite important: possibility of using covers up to 28 mm.


The sophisticated design of the head tube combined with the special size of the bearings allows us to slide up to 3 sheaths completely inside the frame. These 3 sheaths enter the head tube thanks to the Halberd which holds the gearbox and brake sheaths coming from the controls inside and direct them with the correct angle inside the head tube. In the case of disc brakes and electromechanical transmission the bicycle will be free of open sheaths, giving Cento 10 Pro Disc extreme aesthetic cleanliness.


Cento 10 Pro is our light, aerodynamic and super reactive high-end bike. As in the Turbine time trial bike, the new born of Casa Wilier was developed according to the Naca-Low-Speed ​​rules, aeronautical extraction algorithms that allow to dimension the tubes of the frame with the maximum aerodynamic efficiency possible. Another important aerodynamic concept accompanies the NACA algorithms: the KAMM theory. In fact, all profiles have a truncated tail. This solution saves weight, further increases torsional rigidity without affecting the aerodynamic efficiency of the tube itself.

Bicycle Parts include: Cento 10 Pro Disc(Sloping Top Tube) Carbon Frame, Fork and Seatpost with a Texas Cyclesport custom Build Kit: Pick your parts from Shimano Di2 Hydro Groupsets 11 speed, Integrated Headset, Choice of: Handlebars, Handlebar Tape, Stem, Saddle, Wheelset, Butyl Road Tubes and Tires.

We love this Wilier Cento 10 Pro Disc Shimano Di2 Hydraulic equipped Carbon Bicycle.

Buy a Wilier Cento 10 Pro Disc Shimano Di2 Hydraulic equipped Carbon Bicycle from Texas Cyclesport, A Better Bike Ride Begins Here.