3T Funda Team Road Carbon Fork

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3T Funda Team Road Carbon Fork
We learned a lesson building our very first road bikes: a fancy fork makes all the difference. The aluminum beasts had carbon forks and they improved the ride so much we’ve never looked back. 3T has taken the awesomeness of the carbon fork to the extreme with the Funda Team Fork. It’s a stronger lighter fork than we’ve ever experienced. It tracks true and handles perfectly so we can keep kicking butt without worrying if our bikes can keep up. Plus it features asymmetric aerofoil blades that smooth airflow and reduce wind drag when you’re hauling. 1 1/8 inch steerer tube without a taper. Gloss black with red pinstripe. 344 grams.
SPECIFY: 700c: 43, 49 or 53mm rake.