Oltre XR.4 - Super Bike of the Year

Posted by Bianchi on 27th Jan 2017

Oltre XR.4 - Team Lotto NL Jumbo Photo Shoot courtesy of Bicycling Australia

Image courtesy of Bicycling Australia

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Oltre XR.4 - Telegraph Review

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

"Top-end racing bikes such as this can be awfully compromised, particularly when it comes to comfort. Bianchi’s answer is Countervail technology, in which the weave of the carbon-fibre acts as a vibration cancelling system.

A bold claim, but all I can say is that it works. On some truly awful broken urban roads there’s none of the crashing you get with other top-end bikes. It’s obvious that you’ll feel every single pothole on an ultra-stiff bike with 110psi in the tyres, but there’s a degree of comfort that makes it possible to ride all day." - Read Full Review at The Telegraph

Oltre XR.4 - Team Bike at Peloton

Oltre XR.4 - Super Bike of the Year!

Images courtesy of road.cc