Campagnolo Bora WTO 35 C23, 2-Way Fit, Disc-brake Wheelset

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Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 Disc-brake Wheelset


Campagnolo introduces the release of the modernized version of the top-of-the-line carbon wheels that have transfixed the most demanding cyclists around the world for many years. The beautiful design elements in the three different profile heights enrich the well-known Bora Ultra WTO and Bora WTO models. BORA WTO 35 DISC BRAKE is the ideal choice for anyone seeking superior lightness and handling, with a structure that provides an unprecedented feeling of control.

The CAMPAGNOLO Bora WTO C23 35 Disc Tubeless 2-Way Fit™ Road Wheel Set in Black is a high-performance wheel set designed for road cycling. These wheels feature a 35mm deep rim profile, making them aerodynamic and responsive on the road.

The wheels are tubeless-ready, allowing for lower tire pressures and improved puncture resistance. The 2-Way Fit™ technology means that these wheels can be used with both clincher and tubeless tires, giving riders flexibility in their tire choice.

The black color gives the wheels a sleek and stylish appearance, while the Campagnolo branding adds a touch of luxury.

Overall, the CAMPAGNOLO Bora WTO C23 35 Disc Tubeless 2-Way Fit™ Road Wheel Set in Black is a top-of-the-line option for riders looking for a high-performance and versatile wheel set for their road bike. 
New Style Campagnolo N3W Freehub Body for 10/11/12/13 Speeds.


- Use: Road
- Rim type: Clincher / Tubeless Ready / Tubeless (Hooked)
- Rim diameter: 622x23C
- Rim material: UD carbon with Campagnolo H.U.L.C. technology (Handmade Ultra Light Carbon)
- Rim profile (front / rear): Symmetrical
- Rim height (front / rear): 35 mm
- Internal channel width: 23 mm
- External rim width: 28.4 mm
- Spokes (front / rear): 21
- Spoke pattern: G3
- Spokes: Steel (straight pull, aero, 1.5 mm tapered)
- Nipples: Aluminum (self-locking Aero Mo-Mag, internal)
- Hubs: Aluminum (Infinity Hub)
- Hubs: Carbon (front), aluminum (rear)
- Bearings: CULT ceramic, cone & cup
- Freewheel body system: Pawls
- Weight (manufacturer, pair): 1285 gr.
- Others: Water Transfer DCS (Dark Copper Shaded) Graphics
- Color: Carbon with C-LUX finish


- Braking system: Disc Center Lock
- Front axle: 12x100 mm *
- Rear axle: 12x142 mm *
- Recommended tire width: 28/35-622


- Shimano HG (10/11/12s)
- SRAM XDR (12s)
- Campagnolo N3W (11/12/13s)


- Aero Mo-Mag nipple maintenance kit
- Tubeless valves
- Center Lock rings
- Campagnolo wheel bags
- Bag for Campagnolo accessories
- Tire removal levers
- Campagnolo N3W adapter for Z11 (only in the version with Campagnolo N3W body)

* Through axle and disc brake rotors not included.

The iconic CULT—ceramic bearings for Campagnolo racing bike wheels—are only mounted on the best hubs and cranksets and are revolutionary compared to other bearings on the market. Thanks to their properties, produced to specific Campagnolo design, CULT bearings offer extremely low friction, enabling maximum performance and energy savings when pedaling. The top-quality ceramic balls with high-precision roundness and resistance turn inside polymer cages on stainless steel races that are extremely resistant to wear and tear. These cages are designed with tolerances accurate to the micron, which maximizes their efficiency and durability. CULT bearings do not deform or corrode, ensuring long-term constant performance and product quality. Their maintenance requires only periodic cleaning and light lubrication with synthetic oil. CULT bearings have a 40% lower friction coefficient than standard sealed bearings and they roll for 5 and a half times longer in tests.

H.U.L.C. (Handmade Ultra-Light Carbon) is the exclusive Campagnolo technology for the production of carbon rims that optimizes the carbon fiber and resin ratio to increase stiffness and control. This distinctive feature of top-end Campagnolo wheels is an evolution of the exclusive carbon molding process patented by Campagnolo that creates defect-free rims and requires no additional coats of lacquer. Optimization of the carbon fiber and resin ratio guarantees a reduction in weight and unprecedented dimensional accuracy of the safety elements on the 2-Way Fit rim (coupling diameters, hooks and humps).

Campagnolo’s iconic G3 geometry challenges the conventional configuration of wheel spokes on racing bikes. Groups of three parallel straight-pull spokes are in fact arranged in a ratio of 2:1. Having twice as many spokes on one side allows wheels with G3 technology to achieve perfectly balanced tensions, increasing stiffness and improving energy transfer. An iconic design with unique style that helps to improve load absorption and reduce weights. The G3 spoke pattern also has a positive effect on the steering experience: the original triplet pattern reduces perceived vibrations, minimizing micro-deformation of the rim under tension and its response to stressors on the course. G3 geometry is designed with optimized solutions for front and back wheels. The front one has more spokes on the disc side to absorb braking loads. Whereas on the back one the same loads are transferred to twice the number of spokes on the cassette side through the monolithic hub body: an intuitive idea that enables functioning during both braking and energy transfer during pedaling.


  • Black-on-black Dark Label graphics
  • Choose a Cassette Body Type: Campagnolo 10/11/12 or Shimano HG 10/11 Speed (when listed)
  • Only 1520g per pair
  • Thru Axels are not Included
  • Made in Italy

Bora has become the gold standard in carbon racing wheel solutions for many reasons ranging from reactivity, handling and featherweight yet reliable construction. However, it is wind, or rather penetrating that wind, that gives the wheel its name as aerodynamics are such an important part of its performance. The Bora WTO project took this portion of the wheel’s DNA as a central design focus and the Campy Tech Lab dedicated its energies towards pushing the limits of aerodynamic efficiency even further. The result of this task force’s labor comes in the form of two wheels, the Bora WTO 33 Bora WTO 45 and Bora WTO 60.

The new acronym, which stands for WIND TUNNEL OPTIMIZED, is fitting as the line of wheels with whom it is associated incorporate a design that emerged from a Campagnolo engineering task force wholly dedicated to making the most efficient wheels possible in terms of overcoming and reducing resistance. Such a task saw the engineering team spending as many hours in the wind tunnel as in the office, hence the moniker of WTO. The new wheels maintain the classic performance ingredients of their Bora predecessors and counterparts yet add unique design features that will set new standards for aerodynamic efficiency.

While certainly not the only element in an efficient wheel, the rim is certainly the largest component in the build and as a result the recipient of a great deal of attention in terms of development. The Campagnolo carbon fiber Bora WTO rims represent the maximum in terms of not only aerodynamic profile design but versatile aerodynamic design. If a wheel is to provide greater aero efficiency it must do so in real world conditions which present many variables and very few constants. Mother Nature does not create wind in a uniform manner or from the same direction. At the same time race courses aren’t typically straight nor do riders maintain a perfect position as if in the wind tunnel atop a trainer. With that in mind, Campagnolo engineers set about to account for all of these variables in what has come to represent perhaps the most comprehensive aerodynamic study ever performed by the company to produce wheels that are WIND TUNNEL OPTIMIZED for real world conditions.

Through numerous real world tests performed on two different continents, countless studies of published data relative to wind patterns, days and days of wind tunnel time, CFD analysis and enough mathematical calculations to make a lunar landing the engineering team produced two aerodynamic profiles that confer the most efficient structure available on the market in terms of drag reduction. The Bora WTO rim shape at both 33, 45 and 60mm is efficient to the point that it not only reduces drag, but at certain angles is capable of reducing it to the point of negative drag, almost pushing the wheel forward. While most aero projects concentrate solely on the rim, the WTO project took a comprehensive look at the entire wheel, ensuring that all components in its build confer aerodynamic efficiencies to the complete unit. To complement the new standard in aero rims both the hub and the spokes were redesigned to ensure a complete aero unit. The new hub, in aluminum construction, follows the same design premise of the rim in that it must be aerodynamic in a versatile manner. Slimmer towards the center and growing in width towards the flanges where it connects with new 3D aero profile spokes.

The efficient wheel is appreciated when out on the road, and as such must be tested, developed and conceived considering the tire with which it is built. The research into making a more efficient rim already called for a wider stance in general but theC19 class structure provided the multiple benefit of a better performing rim design, better fit with 23, 25 and 28mm tires and an overall more efficient complete unit (tire + rim). The wider stance allows the tire to take on a more aerodynamic shape and as such, allows for the tire to become efficient in terms of drag as well.

The cyclist must not only overcome aerodynamic resistance in his or her quest for victory but rolling resistance also plays a major role in zapping precious energy from the legs of any rider. While boosting aero efficiency is paramount, reducing rolling resistance pays significant dividends as well. One simple way to improve rolling efficiency is to add extremely efficient bearings. The Bora WTO 33 comes equipped with CULT ceramic bearings, perhaps the most efficient solution on the market (9 times more efficient than standard steel bearings). The Bora One 60 WTO on the other hand rolls smoothly atop USB ceramic bearings. Rolling resistance is also created where contact between tire and road occurs. According to both our internal research and a myriad of independent studies, rolling resistance varies depending on the type of tire being used. Contrary to popular belief, the tubular tire is the worst performer, the clincher/inner tube represents a significant improvement and tubeless tires offer the least rolling resistance of all. As a result, the Campagnolo engineering department incorporated a carbon fiber 2-WAY-FIT profile in order to offer the possibility to choose between the two most efficient solutions available, tubeless and clincher tires, with no need for additional material or conversions.

The Bora WTO 33, 45 and Bora WTO 60 represent not only the most efficient wheels possible in terms of aerodynamic performance and low rolling resistance but by doing so while maintaining an additional focus on weight makes for an ever more efficient total structure. Lighter wheels make for faster changes in speed that require less energy to move as a result of lower rotational mass. Campagnolo carbon expertise allows for the 77mm and 60mm rim to perform its task at a lower weight than comparable rim heights from competitors. The hubs, made from aerospace grade alloys and engineered to reduce every unnecessary milligram from their construction also contribute to the scant weight of the overall wheel. The Bora WTO 77, available only as a front wheel considering its specific use for TT and Triathlon, weighs an amazingly low 755gr. The Bora WTO 60, available as a pair, is much more versatile in terms of rim height and overall weight. 670 for the front and 880 grams for the rear makes for a 1550gr total package which renders the Bora WTO 60 capable of offering not only superior aerodynamics over a wide variety of terrain, but do so without a compromise in terms of weight.

Reducing the weight to a minimum on both wheelsets is a feat in and of itself but doing so while maintaining Campagnolo strict standards in terms of safety and reliability makes these two wheels engineering examples worthy of every accolade they receive. The Bora name is prestigious and with a long and extremely successful past and present, it has earned its good name time and time again. With that in mind, each innovation released under the Bora name must prove itself worthy of such an important moniker in terms of performance, reliability and innovative race winning design. The new Bora WTO line proves itself without a doubt and proudly joins its Bora family in offering the highest and longest lasting performance available in the world of road racing carbon wheelsets. The winds are changing and the new name for efficient racing solutions is BORA WTO.



We love this Campagnolo Bora WTO 35 C23, 2-Way Fit, Disc-brake Wheelset. 

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