Campagnolo Record Brake Calipers D-D

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Campagnolo Record Brake Calipers  D-D


This differential brakeset features a double front fulcrum and double rear for balanced braking and lightweight. Ball bearing pivots orbital brake pad adjustment special pad compound light alloy and titanium hardware and lightweight skeletonized forged aluminum arms. No built-in quick release. The Skeleton structure permits lightness and rigidity while maintaining the same operating safety. The geometry differentiated between front and rear ensures the maximum braking power on the front wheel and great progressiveness for the rear. 160 grams.


  • Exceptionally powerful brakes for any frame
  • New aerodynamic design
  • Pairs excellent with normal and aero frames
  • Up to 28mm tyre compatible
  • Perfect for both 17c and 19c rims
  • Increased modulation and smoothness
  • Advanced brake shoe design, modular pads
  • Caliper Brakes Weight: 317g
  • Direct Mount Brakes Weight: 160g

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