Hutchinson Python Light UST Folding Tubeless Tire

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Hutchinson Python Light  UST Folding Tire  tubeless

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The Python Tubeless Light tire is part of the Python New Generation series that uses the tread pattern featured on the original Python with the lateral knobs increased by 1.5mm to make steering through turns more secure. Hutchinson was able to shed more than 100 grams from the standard Tubeless version. The Tubeless Light delivers the same advantages as the standard tubeless but takes it up a notch by decreasing weight increasing output (reducing rotating weight) reducing wear and improving the retention of air - 5 grams / 24 hours vs. 20 grams / 24 hours.

Types include:
·26 x 2.0” / tubeless / 66 TPI 29 PSI 625 grams.