Kask K10 Dieci Helmet

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Kask K10 Dieci Helmet

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This helmet to be full of pleasant surprises and comfortable throughout every season. If your in the market for a new helmet? Or are you just not 100% satisfied with the helmet you currently use? Most riders will appreciate the K.10’s large air vents, versatile adjustment system, and low weight plus a one size fits all system.

Every K.10 is handmade in Italy, it shows off the eloquent style that has become synonymous with modern Italian culture. there’s 19 large vents strategically placed to not only provide exceptional air flow but also improve your aerodynamics.  Its molded shell wraps all the way around the bottom of the helmet for a nice clean look, leaving no styro-foam visible to others.  At the bottom there is a removable, washable, anti allergenic leatherette chin strap.  The leather chinstrap is a Kask innovation that sets this helmet apart from other brands.  Whether you are riding the Tour de’ France or shopping for a helmet in Walmart (Not recommended for anyone over the age of 0), helmet chinstraps all appear to use a very similar material. Kask decided to reinvent that strap in a way, I guess really just change the material, but it is a great addition.  The strap is soft, durable, and it did not develop those crusty, dry, salty sweat marks I have developed on other helmets. 

Lets not judge a book by it cover.   The k. 10 features kasks unique fit system.  The system appears similar to some other helmets before closer inspection.  The k.10 has the ability to be quickly adjusted to your head by pinching two tabs together at the rear of the helmet and then it also has a retention dial for those fine adjustment.  My favorite Kask feature is this dual pivot height adjustment.  Kask’s technical name for this system, as ironic as it maybe, is up’n’down fit system. its my favorite feature because it makes the K.10 versatile and comfortable.  The up’n’down system will allow you to place the rear retention system exactly where you want it on the rear of your head and then it will pivot again to the angle to comfortably fit the slope of your head. Using both the retention methods and the dual pivot mechanism allows this helmet to be offered in one size fits all.

The K.10 uses an in molded polystrene shell and polycarbonate inner thats lightweight and shock absorbing.  On top of that there is a reinforced frame to keep the helmet in one piece in case of an accident.  I feel since its a helmet I should reassure you this helmet is safe!  Luckily I have not found this out firsthand but I do appreciate the molded shell and other structural features for other reasons. They help the helmet put up with off the bike beatings while allowing me to stay confident the helmet won’t lose its protective qualities.  For example when you throw your helmet in your bag with your shoes, or threw the metal detector at the airport.

Kask is proud to make helmets that actual everyday cyclist want to wear.  Opposed to helmets with the best numbers in the lab.  The K.10 is a result of Kask collaborating with the Team Sky pro cycling team. I can’t promise you that simply putting on a helmet will make you the next Bradley Wiggins but I do promise that these helmets have been worn and approved by the best riders in the world.  You can see the colors available, see all the features, and purchase the k.10 

We love this Kask K10 Dieci Road Cycling Helmet.

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