Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Bike Trainer

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Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Bike Trainer

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This fluid resistance trainer is rated as one of the best on the market. The fluid resistance unit is engineered to not leak. There are no moving or rotating parts penetrating the sealed fluid chamber. The Powertap calibrated resistance units gives you the truest simulation of an outdoor ride with automatic resistance adjustments as you ride. It uses a 6.25 lb flywheel for realistic coast down. It has the lowest operating temperature of any fluid trainer and uses 80 cooling fins to dissipate heat. Translation: smooth and quiet from 5-3000 watts. The robotically welded frame provides for maximum stability by it use of a trapezoidal base that covers 435 square inches the most in the industry. The solid locking cone cups are designed to fit 99% of OEM skewers. Finish off with the patented quick release lock for easy and fast setup / removal and you have a trainer to satisfy every racer’s needs. Lime Green.


  • 6.25lb flywheel for realistic coast down
  • PowerTap calibrated resistance unit
  • Sealed fluid chamber with magnetically coupled driveshaft is guaranteed not to leak
  • 2 1/8" roller reduces tire wear
  • Compatible with all bikes with 22"-29" diameter wheels
  • Smooth, quiet resistance from 5-3000 watts
  • Add a Pro Flywheel (TRAN4020) to upgrade the RM to a Pro Fluid Trainer
  • Now compatible with 29er wheels with knobbies
  • New resistance unit (RU) tension system eliminates bending of frames and L-bolts from over-tightening