Shimano XT M8100 Crankset - 2 rings

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Shimano XT M8100 Crankset - 2 rings


One-by customers with XT chainrings with the narrower gearing spread of the 12-speed cassette means that riders may need to keep a couple of chainrings in their toolbox to match their gearing to the task at hand. Calculating out Shimano XT’s lowest-available, 26-tooth-chainring option fetches a low gear of 1.33:1 and a high of 1: 2.73. Compare those figures with the options from SRAM and Shimano that we covered earlier in this segment, and they indicate that hills will be harder to climb, or you will probably be spun out on the flats. Shimano’s one-by gearing options are clearly intended for racers and stronger riders who will probably choose the biggest chainring that they can comfortably push and then suffer with whatever low gear is left when the big climbs arrive. 


Average Weight 654g
Crank Arm Finish Anodized
Compatible Bb Type Outboard
Gear Arms 4
Compatible Chain HG|12-speed
Series XT
Generation M8100
Chain Ring Combination 26-36
Crank Arm Length 165,170,175
Crank Arm Material Aluminum

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