Campagnolo Super Record Hydraulic Flat Mount Wireless EPS 12 Speed Groupset

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Campagnolo Super Record Hydraulic Flat Mount Wireless EPS 12 Speed Groupset with 
Super Record Wireless Battery Charger Adaptor (Optional Purchase)
Campagnolo Disc 03 AFS 140 mm (Optional Purchase)
Campagnolo Disc 03 AFS 160 mm (Optional Purchase)
Campagnolo Super Record Bleed Kit (Optional Purchase)
Mineral Oil 50ml for Braking System (Optional Purchase)


Campagnolo's latest 12 speed groupset, the Super Record Wireless, which marks the Italian brand's debut with wireless electronic shifting. There are also some other major changes, such as the removal of Campagnolo's famous thumb shifters and all new cassettes with 10-tooth smallest cogs.  

The new 12 speed Super Record Wireless is a long-anticipated addition to Campagnolo's lineup, which has been missing a wireless option alongside the road- and gravel-specific groupsets. Super Record Wireless will be replacing the existing Super Record EPS Rim and Hydro groupsets. In the process, cuts out Rim brake fans from enjoying Campagnolo's latest electronic shifting.

The new Super Record Wireless is built around Campagnolo’s ‘Dream Bigger’ ethos which is centered around standing out from the crowd. In the case of this groupset, that means the use of the highest-specification carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum to provide maximum functionality at a minimal weight, which for the full groupset is 2,520g. That's 20g more than the outgoing Super Record EPS Disc.  


Super Record Wireless Campagnolo group, the moment has come. Creating a moment of perfection takes time. Thanks to the commitment made with in-depth studies and meticulous tests conducted on the field, the members of our wireless group are now a step forward from a technological point of view. A high-quality uncompromising design. Project your performance in a new dimension. Immerse yourself in a unique driving and pedaling experience, thanks to the perfect ergonomics of the commands, the extreme adaptability of the levers and the precision of the latest generation change.


  • Pro-Tech Bottom Bracket
  • Super Record Crankset
  • Super Record Ergo-power EPS Wireless command Shifter/Lever + 160mm Front Disc Caliper
  • Super Record Ergo-power EPS Wireless command Shifter/Lever + 140mm or 160mm Rear Disc Caliper
  • Super Record EPS Wireless 12V Front Derailleur
  • Super Record EPS Wireless 12V Rear Derailleur
  • Super Record Cassette Choice: 10-25, 10-27 or 10-29
  • Super Record Chain, C-Link 113
  • Batteries for Super Record EPS Wireless Front and Rear Derailleurs 12V (Including 2 USB charging magnetic cables)
  • Super Record EPS Wireless Battery Charger Adaptor (Optional Purchase)
  • Campagnolo Disc 03 AFS 140 mm (Optional Purchase)
  • Campagnolo Disc 03 AFS 160 mm (Optional Purchase)
  • Campagnolo Super Record Bleed Kit (Optional Purchase)
  • Mineral Oil 50ml for Braking System (Optional Purchase) 

Campagnolo Super Record Wireless - Tech Details

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless shifters


The new Campagnolo Super Record is a wireless, 12-speed groupset consisting of new Hydro Shifters, Crankset, Chain, Front and Rear Derailleurs and Brakes. These have been developed around four "performance pillars": dynamic riding experience (the connectivity of the components), perfect cadence (gearing), braking technology and lastly, user-centric technology. 

Wireless Shifters

2023 Campag super record wireless shifters

The first notable difference in the Super Record Wireless is that the new shifters have forgone the iconic Campagnolo thumb shifters. This means a brand new, sleeker lever and hood design. Campagnolo redesigned body lever shape utilizes "extra grip and cushioning for enhanced riding comfort". The shifter body itself houses coin batteries that power the shifters for up to two years.  

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless shifter


The shifters feature ergonomically shaped levers and shifting paddles that are meant to be operated with your fore and middle finger. The paddle, which has a small gap between the two shifters, is placed behind the brake lever for shifting up and down. The  right lever takes care of shifting up and down the cassette, and the left lever shifts the front derailleur to change between big and small chainrings. The system works similarly to Shimano Di2 out of the factory, but you can also configure the shifters to your liking in the MyCampy 3.0 app. 

Inside the right-hand hood, where your thumb shifter would have previously been, is now a LED light that indicates the battery status. Next to the LED sits an EPS button that can be for example connected to Garmin for shuffling through data pages, or used by mechanics for servicing the groupset. 

There are no time trial shifters in the pipeline, although Campagnolo may eventually make it onto pro TT bikes. 

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless app my campy

Gearing: 10t cassette cogs (but no 1x)

Campagnolo is renowned for its innovative gear ratios, and for Super Record Wireless, the brand has revamped the existing options. The new carbon crankset comes in three gearing configurations: 50-34, 48-32 and 45-29, and four crank lengths: 165, 170, 172.5 and 175mm. The Q-factor has also widened compared to Super Record EPS, now measuring 147.5mm.

The axle on the crankset is made of titanium and spins around in an all-new ‘high-durability’ featuring a dust-proof PRO-TECH patented external protective seal. The bolt circle diameter (BCD) of the chainrings has been changed, with the chainring bolts now having a diameter of 121/88. This means that previous iterations of Super Record chainrings will be incompatible. 

What about 1x? For all its innovation with gear ratios, Campagnolo said a firm 'no' for now when it comes to single chainring set-ups - but you never know what the future holds. This is a road groupset and 2x only.

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless cassette


The cassettes are another significant change. The new N3W cassettes are available with 10-25t, 10-27t and 10-29t options. N3W stands for ‘New Three Ways’ and is a hub technology Campagnolo introduced nearly three years ago, but this marks the first time we've seen a modern Campagnolo cassette with a 10-tooth smallest cog.

The ratios aren't as wide-ranging as cassettes offered by SRAM, with options up to 10-36t to give lower bottom gears from the US brand; but both the 10-25t and 10-27t cassettes from Campagnolo will offer tighter steps between shifts than is offered by its rival and "unrivalled cadence" according to Campagnolo itself. 

Wireless Derailleurs

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless front mech front derailleur

This is a wireless electronic groupset, that means you need to charge it somehow. Both the front and rear derailleurs have removable batteries - but they are not interchangeable. Both batteries feature magnetic charging points that you can use for charging the batteries either on or off the bike with a cable. On the front derailleur the battery is placed at the front instead of the rear, which we've become accustomed to with other major brands. 

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless rear derailleur

Campagnolo says you can get a 90 per cent charge in 45 minutes and a full charge in just 60 minutes. Each of the batteries has an LED light that indicates the charging status. 

Braking Technology

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless disc rotor


The most notable thing to say about the Super Record Wireless brakes is the lack of a rim brake option. Whereas the previous Super Record EPS came in two options, one for disc brakes and another for rim brakes, the new Super Record Wireless is one more hit for rim brake lovers, who are increasingly being left behind in the new cycling tech developments. 

2023 Campagnolo Super Record Wireless disc calliper


The new groupset features a refreshed brake caliper aesthetic and Campagnolo’s patented rotor design that provides effective cooling and has an anti-cutting shape. The rotors - available in both 140mm and 160mm diameters - are slightly thicker than other brands’ offerings, and the rounded anti-cutting shape does refer to what you might have thought - it’s designed for some additional safety on the roads, and should help avoid any unwanted disc brake cuts. 

Shift into New Dimensions

We love this Campagnolo Super Record Hydraulic Flat Mount Wireless EPS 12 Speed Groupset for its silky smooth shifting and durability.

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