Fulcrum Red Power 29" XL Disc 9mm QR/15QR Convertible Wheelset

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Fulcrum Red Power 29" XL Disc 9mm QR/15QR Convertible Wheelset

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The 29er for those who wish to try out the new world of oversize wheels. Experimental MTB’ers can now follow the new Fulcrum 29er trend, clearly not wishing to be unprepared. Sturdy and reliable, the version with clincher rim fears no terrain. The graphics of the Red Power family, too, make your oversize wheeled bike all the more aggressive. 


  • C 19 rim can be used on any off-road trail and to overcome clinchers of 28mm/1,10" to 60mm/2,30"
  • Round-head spokes in steel are easy to maintain
  • Nipples with self-locking system maintain the tension of the spokes over time - they do not require maintenance
  • 2:1 Two-to-One spoke pattern on the rear wheel
  • Greater stability of the wheel thanks to the balance between the spoke tensions - greater torsional stiffness and greater reactivity
  • The front wheel spokes have been doubled on the brakeside; this allows the wheel to remain steady even when braking
  • Oversize aluminum hub permits a higher degree of lateral stiffness and high torque transmission
  • Sealed industrial bearings are exceptional quality and smoothness; high efficiency over time
  • A new milled rimstraight-pull spokesand oversized hub make for a hig hly reactive wheelset on any terrain
  • Perfect for XC trailand marathon riding
  • Excellent lateral stiffness and light weight from rim milling
  • Self-locking steel nipples laced with Fulcrum's 2:1 system for inc reased stability torsional stifness and improved reactivity
  • Oversized aluminum hub with sealed bearings for optimal torque transfer
  • Includes steel quick releases - front hub can be converted to QR15 use
  • 875g front, 1040g rear